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The Public Sector Superannuation (PSS) Schemewas established under the Superannuation Act 1990 for eligible employees of the Australian Government and participating employees who were permanently appointed for employment between 1July 1990 and 30 June 2005.

The PSS Scheme is an extremely generous superannuation scheme.  It is a Defined Benefit fund where Final Average Salary (FAS), years of service and member contribution rate are all used to determine the PSS members final retirement benefit.

At 30 June 2015, the PSS Scheme had 231,469 members (88,309 contributing,  preserved 103,167 and 39,993 receiving a pension).

It is optional for working members must contribute to the PSS but if contributions are made they must be at a rate of between 2% - 10%.  Contributions play a very important role in maximising final retirement benefits.

Salary for contribution purposes is determined by a members Final Average Salary (FAS) which is an average of the superannuation salaries on the last three birthdays.  Importantly, salary for contribution and benefit purposes can be negotiated higher in some circumstances and can include some allowances.

The PSS Scheme pays benefits in relation to Age Retirement, Invalidity and Death.  There are also benefit options in relation to Resignation and Redundancy.

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